I’ve always liked Coldplay. All of their albums are great and have a standout track or two, but Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head have always been my two favorites. When I first heard “Paradise”  I was immediately surprised by the new direction that it seemed the band had taken, but I couldn’t stop humming that tune. It was so catchy. Simple and catchy. Everything a single should be. I knew that I wanted to cover the tune immediately, but I needed to give it some sort of a different flavor for it to work as a solo accompaniment piece. So I got to work and dusted off the ‘ol nylon string guitar for a change. I think I even tuned down the whole guitar to D. The different timbre and feel on the nylon guitar inspired a completely different arrangement and a neat little surprise around 2:48 for those Sting fans out there.

Hope you enjoy my version!

Recorded in Kyoto, Japan (where I was born and live) with a pair of Rode NT5 mics, Mbox 2 Pro, Pro Tools, and a Nikon D7000 on a Morris nylon string guitar



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