Photo by Billy Wilson: Essar steel on the Saint Mary’s River late in the day. Ontario, Canada.

I’ll be joining one of my internet friends Billy Wilson, on his hour long “On Air Google Plus Variety Show” tomorrow/today (Friday at 10:00pm ET(NYC) 7:00pm PT(LA) 11:00am JST(Japan)) to talk a bit and play a couple of songs! I’ve been on Billy’s show once before, and it was a blast chatting up a storm with new friends and being able to play some of my tunes at the end of the show. If you can’t tune in for the whole show (it will be very interesting and amusing I’m sure,) then be sure to tune in at 45 minutes past the hour where I sneak in 2-3 of my original tunes.  I’ll be playing at least one new tune so be sure to swing by!!

TO WATCH: you should be able to find the G+ stream here. I’ll do my best to post links to the G+ and YouTube streams as well on my own Google+Twitter, and Facebook pages so be sure to check in there! If you end up being unable to tune in live, have no fear, all of Billy’s show’s are archived on YouTube for your re-watching pleasure. More info after the jump…

I signed up for Google + a while back and have thoroughly enjoyed the new tech-savvy creative friends I’ve made up there. Here’s the archive of 28611 with Billy Wilson episode 6 that I was on a couple months back to give you an idea of the format of the show.

WHO ELSE WILL BE THERE: YOU! and then here’s Billy’s description of tomorrows show.

The twelfth episode of my weekly “on air” G+ variety show +28611 with Billy Wilson is this Friday at 10:00pm ET(NYC) 7:00pm PT(LA) (time zone converter This week’s show is very photography centric and I will have joining me Seattle mobile photographer, writer, and educator +Star Rush, Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements & Photography author +Jan Kabili; photographers +Sly Vegas, +Natalia Stone, and +Olav Folland.

The episode will be broadcast on my G+ stream:

It looks like it will be photography heavy for those who are interested in the arts of the camera. I’ll do my best to keep up and say something about cameras. RAW file. Shutter speed. Then I’ll just sing.

See ya there!




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