It’s the last week in March 2013, when me, my guitar, and a few other travellers are lifted up off the tarmac at KIX. A connecting flight in Singapore and some 20-odd flight hours later, I finally find myself on NZ soil. I shoot off a Tweet to an internet friend, one of whom I’ve never met in person – “Wanna meet up?” A day later I’m waiting at a cafe with my brother for said internet friend. A delicious cup of coffee later, the three of us are scouting Browns Bay beach for a not-too-sunny, not-too-busy, way-picturesque-looking spot to set up and play some music.


This is a cool story. 


It was on YouTube sometime last year that I first stumbled upon singer-songwriter Sayulee and her half Kiwi-ness, both are attributes we have in common! She was in the middle of her 365 project; a song uploaded every day for an entire year. Respect! I immediately jumped at the opportunity to connect with a fellow half-Kiwi musician in Japan and so begins a handful of back-and-forth Tweets. Unfortunately we were unable to meet in person while in Japan. But wait, things were now coming together. I’m staying in Long Bay on the North shore for three days. Sayulee is in Browns Bay where she grew up. These bays are a five minute drive from each other. Our trips to New Zealand have overlapped and we are finally able to tear down the barriers of the internet and meet over a cuppa, better yet; sing together. Isn’t it grand?


Big thanks to Daniel Levy for tagging along for the afternoon and lending us his cinematic vision.


Also, in case you missed it, Sayulee has a Talkshow Thursday segment on her channel. Having just finished a song to upload, Sayulee asked me to stick around for a little while longer and have a chat. With a few minutes to spare on the parking meter I graciously accepted. Check it out below!


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