Serendipity. I always make a point of swinging by Cafe Elliot Avenue when I'm in Yokohama, even if it is to grab a to-go cup for the shinkansen back to Kyoto. Genko-san and Junko-san have become friends and fans. It just happened that today they put my CD on in their store and started wondering what I was up to in Kyoto "ジョン京都で元気かな〜" Before track two on the CD had a chance to crescendo I walked through their doors to see two stunned, but smiling faces. え〜!? Gotta love the timing!! Such a pleasure to tell them in person how things are. Even got a chance to meet a canadian fella who's been roasting coffee beans for six years or so. Hands down this establishment receives five stars from me - best latte I've had in Japan. Check them out across from Yamashita Park at the Doll Museum! #vscocam #yokohama


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