Here's a fun one I did a few weeks ago for the giveaway @smallhd is doing. My "lite/travel" #gear essentials. My Blueridge BR40ce (signed by Tommy Emmanuel for those who know the greatest CGP) is front and center.  @nikonaustralia D7000  Koboron 28mm 2.8f old school glass. Only MF which is perfect for smooth focus for video. Nikkor 18-105mm 1:3.5-5.8 DX kit lens Nikon Lens Series E 50mm 1.8 (Also only MF) @canonusa S110 Black (Attached Gorillapod small) Canon S110 White NB-5L Canon batteries x5 (plus charger) Three HDV-Z96 96 LED Light Kits @sonyprousa NP-F550 Batteries for LED Lights x2 (plus charger) Two swivel mounts with hot shoe mount and tripod mount (For lights, or troubleshooters!) Zoom H4n Zoom Microphone clip adapter  Deadcat for Zoom (Lots of outdoor recordings) Sony CycleEnergy four AA rechargeable batteries MXL 770 Condenser microphone (Mostly for vocals) @rodemic NT5 Condenser microphone w/ clip and windscreen (Mostly acoustic guitars, sounds GREAT! Had it for more than 10 years.) @sennheiser HD380 pro headphones (SO GOOD) @shureinc SE215 Sound isolating earphones. Great for location recordings to really know whats going on, and airports :) JVC 1/8" headphone splitter (when you need to share tunes!) 1/8" to annoying airplane double prong adapter (I'll use my own headphones while I travel thanks. Also hiding in the case are earplugs) Two 5' 1/8" extender cables (must have!) Big @jobyinc Gorilla pod Small Gorillapod Two XLR cables Two 1/4" guitar cables Family Guy mint tin filled with guitar picks and paperclips (to keep the song sheets in order) Four sets of @elixir_strings Light 80/20 bronze Nanoweb strings for acoustic guitar Songwriting tools! - Always a legal pad on hand. Fresh lyrics today. Three Sharpies Three @pilotpenusa Frixion Ball pens with various colours (erasable ink! Use these for almost everything.) Eight portable harddrives....because you gotta have backups...should try and downsize with some bigger drives (mostly 500GB) That's it! Believe it or not, this is travelling light! Thanks for looking/reading.  Cheers, Jon


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