Feeling something significant for ANZAC 2016. Stumbled upon this today. The Price of War From Gallipoli to Afghanistan and Beyond On this ANZAC dawn after the bugle sing Heads are bowed as the sacred silence begins Sweethearts fondly recall the final embrace Grieving mothers stare at an empty space Many still see a young familiar smiling face Innocent and eager in pursuit of life's race Suddenly swept away by Mars' feverish race The sweet calming silence has now come to pass Our proud banner is slowly raised full mast The busy pulse of our Nation returns with a blast Politicians leave false promises in forgotten parcels Before returning to their rich secure brick castles Our soldiers slowly depart but who knows where Cursed with repetitive nightmares and a distant stare The parks are empty now and wreaths wither in the sun With notes of love to Australia's fallen daughters/sons Who as infants played there until the day was done Flesh and blood that mothers gave, some more than one But look, children arrive, run, skip, laugh, and play Above them, dark evil clouds are rumbling this very day Oh, what a terrible price in war our young Nation does pay Brigadier George Mansford AM Anzac Day 2015 Placed by the Hall Trustees on behalf of the Springbrook and Mudgreeba communities


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