A little generosity goes a long way. 


The web is an interesting place. There are wonderful outlets like iTunes, Paypal, Amazon, and Shopping Carts, but the true currency of the internet is community and trust. Which usually means your email address. I don't expect you to hand over your email addy willy nilly after stumbling on this page or any of my work for the first time. Soak it in. Download some tunes, play them in the car or on the train, burn them onto CD's for your friends. Check back after a few days or weeks and if you feel like you're ready hit the 'yes, please' button. :)

You can always subscribe on YouTube, or Like on Facebook, or follow on Twitter, but I sometimes get lost in those worlds. If you send me a message through the form below I'm more likely to respond, and I love having little chats with new folks. * I promise to do everything in my power to protect your privacy and not flood your inbox. 


Head over to the music page and download some FREE tunes, copy a few songs over to a USB stick or burn a CD and GIVE a copy to a friend...or five friends! That simple. Sharing and word of mouth are powerful in this game. Your help in sharing with just one friend or family member does wonders. Send me a message when you give to someone, it will give me something to smile about :)


Super simple, super easy. If you hit the shopping cart icon in the corner of any of the tracks on the music page you can pay any amount you'd like: $2, ¥0, £5 . Or leave a tip through PayPal below.

P.S. For those misled by the term "Tip Jar" here's a tip.

A tip for you!

- Live to love, love to live, and give someone a smile.

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